Office Network is a Strategic Marketing Consultancy Company for Small and Medium Enterprises.

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Loredana Sciortino, CEO of Office Network USA, is an Italo-American entrepreneur with vast experience in small business administration and strategic marketing.

Born in Palermo, Sicily (Italy) in 1988, Loredana showed strong creativity and passion for life. In 1996, Loredana and her family immigrated to Chicago, Illinois (USA) with the promise to create economic growth. Loredana knew from a young age that she would someday own businesses that provided many with the opportunity to enjoy life.


After completing the foundation to her entrepreneurial education, Loredana got the chance to return to Italy in 2010  where she started her consulting career by helping artisan business owners grow their business.


Loredana began working with Angelo Utro, founder of Office Network Italia, in 2011. Together, they create opportunities, solve inefficiencies and unite communities to grow your small business or local non-profit organization.

Loredana desires to co-market with other business owners in various industries to create an international club of local small businesses, non-profit organizations and consumers. That is how Club Uniti was created. Club Uniti is the events planning and e-commerce activity in charge of improving consumer experience, creating new jobs and contributing to the growth of all countries.

The path is clear though no eyes can see the course laid down long before...

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